We Specialize in Construction Technology - Shared savings plan for all customers

Managed Services

Professional Installation

We provide professional, reliable and well-trained installers who can install, move, configure, cut-over and upgrade your network. Our installation services are also available for one-time needs such as installing wiring, moving and re-configuring equipment, or other needs requiring a qualified technician.

Professional Maintenance

To make it easy for our customers to properly maintain equipment, Tech Pros IT offers a range of maintenance services, both for what we sell to our customers and for equipment procured from other sources. Our customers may choose between either a standard agreement or, if preferred, a time and materials arrangement.

Our staff first attempts to address any problem from our facility. If issues persist, we send a technician to your location. If equipment fails while under a manufacturer’s warranty, we will work on your behalf with the manufacturer to have it fixed or replaced

Tier 1 Helpdesk

We provide a Tier 1 Help Desk service. With Tier 1, customer locations call Comcast directly for help, or if they prefer, they may raise trouble tickets on our portal.
When calling, customers can be confident that they are speaking directly with Tech pros IT at one of our U.S. sites, where we will work directly with them to fix any issues.

Network Redundancy

We can install and manage a second wire-line network connecting all of your locations to stay operational in the event of an outage. The back-up network will provide diversity from your current network and provide excellent performance.

Wireless or 4G LTE Redundancy

In the event of a network interruption, we will provide a backup link using 4G LTE data plans from a mobile provider in your service location area.